15 Awesome Articles to Help You Stop Yelling and keep Your Cool

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“Keep your calm.” “Stop the yelling.” While we may hear these little bits of parenting wisdom often, the truth is they really do lay the foundation for Teaching what kids need to know, building solid Relationships and utilizing the lessons of parenting to Upgrade ourselves. When we are able to reserve yelling and screaming for moments of happiness and glee and keep our calm even in the midst of challenges and struggles, we lay a strong foundation of improving kid’s behavior, and having happier lives and families. We keep our rational mind on board and make far better decisions as a parent and as a person.

Parenting presents a unique challenge

Parenting can present unique challenges for keeping our cool because it’s rare in other areas of life that someone would lie on their back in the middle of the grocery store and flail their arms and legs while screaming, “I want some gum!”

It’s rare for others in our life, when you’re running late for an important appointment, to draw out their steps at half normal speed, exclaim that they have to use the bathroom and threaten to pee in the back seat of your car if they don’t have a chance to go. It’s rare for someone other than your children to tell you they can’t find their shoes that you personally found for them 3 minutes earlier.

There are few other relationships in life that give us so many opportunities for patience. No other person or group of people will ever damage more of your personal property than your children, while at the same time, you will probably never contribute more of your personal time and physical and emotional energy to any other person or group of people than your children. Sometimes that time and energy spent seems very thankless. All of this can contribute to making parenthood one of the most difficult settings in which to keep our cool, but that doesn’t change the fact that for those very same reasons, it is one of the most important environments to learn to manage our emotions, lower our voices and stay calm.

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As I said, parenthood provides us with a wonderful opportunity to learn greater patience that will serve both us and our children well.

I recognize that not all parents are the same and different thoughts, techniques and methods work for different people. Because of that, I wanted to provide a list of incredible articles from some of my favorite blogs that will help parents be a little calmer and a little less loud. Some may resonate with you, others may not, but I hope that there will be something here for every parent that reads this. Something that will help you have more of the beautiful parenting moments you long for and less of the struggles and moments you don’t.

15 Articles and resources to help you stop yelling and keep your cool.

1. Stop Yelling Toolbox: Amanda at (dirtandboogers.com)

2. Why You Yell: Amanda at dirtandboogers.com

3. How to Handle Your Anger at Your Child: Dr. Laura Markham (ahaparenting.com)

4. 10 Steps to Stop Yelling: Dr. Laura Markham (Psychology Today)

5. How to Stop Yelling in 21 Days; And Break Other Bad Habits: Andy Smithson (old.trueparenting.net)

6. Why We Explode and How to Prevent It: Genevieve Simperingham (peacefulparent.com)

7. Yelling: How to Recover After a Total Disconnect with Your Child: Ariadne Bril (positiveparentingconnection.net)

8. 2 Words that Can Calm the Emotional Storm: Andy Smithson (old.trueparenting.net)

9. The important Thing About Yelling: Rachel Macy Stafford (handsfreemama.com)

10. How to Stop Yelling: Lori Petro (teach-through-love.com) YoutubeVideo

11. 3 Mini Vacations Parents Can Take Right Now… For Free: Andy Smithson (old.trueparenting.net)

12. 5 Steps to Stop Yelling: Rebecca Eanes. (positive-parents.org)

13. 100 Ways to Be Kind to Your Child: Alyssa Marquess. (creativewithkids.com)

14. Patience is a Powerful Parenting Virtue. 5 Secrets to Increasing Yours: Andy Smithson (old.trueparenting.net)

15. 100 “Orange Rhino” Alternatives to Yelling: The Orange Rhino. (theorangerhino.com)

I know this is a lot but don’t be overwhelmed. Just bookmark this page and come back and read all of these articles over the next few days. Like I said before, take the things that help and leave the things that don’t. Share these great articles with other parents that might need some encouragement, inspiration and practical tips for stopping the cycles of yelling and learning to keep their cool. This is truly one of the most important steps in having the parent / child relationship and family experience you really want.

Question: What articles (from the list or not) have helped you to keep your cool and stop yelling? Please share your favorite articles and resources that have helped you be a better, more TRU Parent!

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