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TRU Audio: Mean What You Say: Effective Communication

Check out the original article, “Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean: 3 Essential Elements of Effective Communication”  

A girl uses a tin can phone to listen to someone else in the park

Mean What You Say & Say What You Mean; 3 Essential Elements of Effective Communication

Years ago I watched a video where a little girl was gleefully playing in her front yard. Her mother was watching her from the porch on a beautiful summer day….

truparenting audio

TRU Audio: Mom is No Job For the Faint of Heart

Download the audio of this article to take it with you on your phone or other device by clicking the downward facing arrow in the top right corner or Share…

Daughter Giving Mother Kiss Relaxing On Sofa

“Mom” is No Job for the Faint of Heart: Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m been told often that mothers appreciate the gratitude expressed on Mother’s Day each year, but wonder if they can ever measure up to the “Mother’s Day expectation” that is…

Hand with pills medicine tablets

Important Questions to Ask When Considering Medication for Your Child

You’re pulling your hair out. You’ve been struggling with your child’s behaviors for years and don’t know where to go from here. I meet with parents everyday in my counseling…

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Get Better Sleep for Better Parenting

I’ve read a million parenting articles on how to get your child to bed, but what about how to get parents to bed? Are you tired? I don’t think there…


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