23 Ways to Be Your Wife’s Hero, as a Husband and Father

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Remember the old saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”? Well, I don’t know if that is an absolute truth, but the reverse certainly can make a huge difference in the happiness of your life and family. “When Mama is happy, it makes everyone a little happier.” As a Dad and a husband, we can play an important role in our wife’s happiness and in turn can bolster our relationship with our wife and children.

To Dads

Do you remember when you were your wife’s knight in shining armor? Remember how that felt? You can get that back. The list below can help you to firmly take your place on the pedestal of heroism in your wife’s heart and mind. Try just a few of the things on the list and watch how her face lights up and how she looks at you with a little more passion and joy.

To Moms

When was the last time your husband took your breath away? When did he last surprise you, in a good way? How would you like to look at your husband and the father of your children and wonder how you got so lucky? To all the Moms reading, this list may be something you may want to slip in your husband’s lunchbox or slide into the pages of his Popular Mechanics Magazine. You may even forget the subtle hints altogether and just tell him to read it and select a few items to practice this week. The point of the list is not to breed discontent, but rather to identify the wonderful things your husband does or to encourage him to do some of those things again.

Whether you are a Dad or Mom, Husband or Wife, making new, special efforts to improve as an individual, as a parent and as a couple will serve your family and your personal happiness well. These things will put a smile on any wife or mother’s face, and in turn will brighten the whole home!

23 Heroic acts for husbands and Fathers

1. Do something without her asking you to do it.

2. Get the babysitter for a date night and plan the activity.

3. Change a diaper, without her asking you to.

4. Turn off the TV and focus on the kids.

5. Turn off your phone and focus on your wife.

6. Do the dishes.

7. Let her bathe in peace.

8. Lead with spiritual things, especially prayer.

9. Offer a massage.

10. Play with your kids and make them laugh.

11. Be a first responder to your kids’ needs rather than thinking, “Mom will take care of it.”

12. Iron your own shirt.

13. Do a load of laundry.

14. Don’t be your wife’s “other kid” that she has to clean up after.

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15. Lead out in reading a new parenting or relationship book.

16. Listen to your wife. Yep, just listen.

17. Initiate hugs and kisses with both kids and your wife.

18. Be calm and gentle when the kids act up.

19. Give Mom a night off and make sure she comes home to a clean house.

20. Make bedtime sacred family time.

21. Read between the lines (Be observant and offer help when you perceive your wife needs help).

22. If you don’t know, ask what your wife needs.

23. Just be with your family when you’re with the family. (Be present when you are home).

A Challenge

Reading these things will not make the difference. Actually having the courage and resolve to put them into action is what will make you the hero and create a happier relationship and home. The challenge is to identify a few of the items from the list and do at least one of them each day this week. Then watch. Feel the change that occurs as you start to make these things into edifying habits that will grow with each passing day. If you already do these things, identify something else, some other way to go above and beyond. Go be the hero you would like your wife to see in you.

Question: Dads, which item on the list do you think your wife will find most heroic? Moms, which item do you wish that your husband would do the most?

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