43 Quick and Simple Ways to Make Your Kid’s Day

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maketheirday graphicThere will be plenty of opportunities for teaching and correcting and messing things up by thinking we have all the answers. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a break from all of that and just make your kid’s day. Just forget about any problems and remind them and yourself what the best part of having them as your kid is. Relationships are always growing or wilting and it’s amazing how much one simple, deliberate act can do for dropping barriers and forging powerful bonds.

Try one or two of these today…

1. Write a note that says “I Love You” and hide it somewhere they’ll find it later.

2. Do their chores for them, and be happy about it.

3. Turn off the TV and play a game.

4. Tell them they’re AWESOME!

5. Say “THANK YOU” for any help they provide at home today.

6. Randomly text them, “Glad you’re my son/daughter.”

7. Let them “show you something” for as long as they needs to show you.

8. Listen to their whole story without talking at all; every single “and then…”

9. Have a tickle war.

10. Tuck them in, several times, just because.

11. Ask your teen if he wants to use the car.

12. Put an extra two dollars in their lunch box.

13. Make them cookies and have them with dinner, not after (yeah, I know minds are exploding right now)

14. Find their socks for them. (matches)

15. Teach them something new, something fun.

16. Send them a letter or package in the mail. (Yes snail mail)

17. Look at old baby pictures of your child then leave the photo album open on the table.

18. Don’t worry so much.

19. Make today a special occasion. Like, “Super awesome kid day” or something.

20. Have breakfast for dinner.

21. Make bacon.

22. Take them to lunch during the school day.

23. Give a compliment you really, really mean.

24. Read one more book.

25. Treat them like they’re dead. (You may want to read my other post for explanation of this one.)

26. Reminisce with them about a happy memory.

27. Swing them around until they’re dizzy.

28. Give horsey, motorcycle or some kind of ride.

29. Give a random look, touch and a smile.

30. Sing your instructions to them.

31. Give them you, all day. Put away everything else and just pay attention.

32. Make cookies and save the bowl for them to lick.

33. Turn off the advice and turn on the listening.

34. Give them a meaningful job and pay them for it.

35. Let them spend some of their own money on whatever they want.

36. Dance in the living room.

37. Tell a really good joke.

38. Let them tell you a joke, or maybe several that are not that great. Then laugh.

39. Make a problem into an opportunity.

40. Be patient.

41. Kiss your spouse in front of your child.

42. Smile… A lot

43. Make bedtime awesome.

The great part about doing something to make their day is that it usually ends up making our day as well.

Question: What have you done that “makes your kid’s day?”

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