7 Inspirational and Useful Blogs Every Parent Should Know

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iStock_000000725531SmallSometimes I feel funny in the space I am in online. I am obviously not a mommy blogger because, well, I’m not a mom. I’m not really a daddy blogger either because to be honest, I work mostly with moms. I am a TRU Parenting blogger and have learned so much from so many other blogs, books and programs out there. I only seek to find resources, principles, patterns and truths that help parents be better and create more full and happy family cycles. There are so many blogs and wonderful people out there sharing their experiences with all of us and although some of the blogs below have enormous followings, I’m amazed that many parents have never heard or had the pleasure of reading their wonderful messages. These are blogs every parent should know!

I wanted to share an introduction to each of these blogs and their wonderful stories. Please let us know in the comments which of these resonates with you and inspires you to be a little better today than you were yesterday.

Hands Free Mama

Rachel Macy Stafford is the author of Hands Free Mama and not only is an incredible writer with a book due out in January of 2014, but is also genuinely invested in the message of her blog. The blog has followed her experience of going “hands free” over the last few years. She has helped and encouraged me here at TRU Parenting and has always shown such wisdom and grace. She has made passing comments that let me know that she really is working every day to live a “hands free life” and be more present in her children’s life. One of my favorite posts was titled “Six words you should say today.” It changed the way I viewed and responded to my son, Cuylar’s soccer experience this last year. Rachel is also excited to be releasing her book in January of 2014.

Finding Joy

Who would have known that you had a better chance at being a magnificent writer and person if your name was Rachel. Finding Joy is a beautiful blog written by Rachel Marie Martin. Finding Joy celebrates motherhood in all of its ups and downs, discouragement and glory. Rachel is real and funny without rants or snarky sarcasm or Sinicism. Finding Joy lifts souls. It really does help Moms (and Dads) find more joy in the day to day. Rachel’s post “13 Mom Truths” inspired my post “13 Dad Truths” here at TRU Parenting. Rachel often uses the hashtag, “#littlethingsmatter,” and she really believes it. She has helped me to find joy in the little things each day.

Positive Parenting Solutions

Amy McCready is one of the most inviting and pleasant people you will ever interact with. Amy holds regular FREE webinars on positive parenting and her blog addresses regular, everyday about questions almost all parents have at one point or another. In “Fighting the Good Fight Against Child Aggression” Amy gives some practical and peaceful ways to create more positive behaviors and interactions with our kids, even when they are angry and aggressive. Amy also has an exceptional Pinterest page with all kinds of great boards for parenting, crafts, meals and other things especially our Mom’s will enjoy.

Little Heart Books

L.R. Knost is the author of Little Heart Books and of several wonderful books all focused on gentle parenting. Her post “The Problem of Punishment” is a beautiful reminder of the differences between discipline and punishment and inspired the post The Solution to Punishment here at TRU Parenting. Her facebook page is a wonderful place to ask specific questions about how to parent in a more positive and gentle way. She truly embodies the principles of TRU Parenting by teaching parents to act in ways that improve behavior and grow the relationship.

The Orange Rhino

The Orange Rhino is an anonymous mom that decided to challenge herself to stop the yelling. She has chronicled her journey of how she has gone from a constant yeller to a more gentle and connected mother. She has never told us her name and refers to her children by number to protect them from scrutiny as well. I particularly love her list of things to do instead of yelling. Some of the things on the list will make you laugh while others are just very practical and down to earth. If you have ever had trouble keeping your cool with your children or in any part of your life, the Orange Rhino is relatable and honest but maintains the challenge to be a little better, to find the positive and to be more present in our children’s lives. If this Mom can stop the yelling for as long as she has, so can you. This one simple thing can drastically alter your life and family!

Practical Katie

Katie Hurley at Practicalkatie.com is just what the name implies, practical. I have found so many helps and practical solutions to everyday parenting issues. If you have a question about child behavior or parenting, Katie has probably addressed it in her blog or in one of her many articles that can be found across the web. The great thing is that Practicalkatie.com is a hub of sorts for finding all kinds of great solutions. Katie also writes at www.everydayfamily.com with me, which is another great place to find great tips and helps in parenting and all things family.

Mindful Dad

Josh Misner is an incredibly insightful and mindful Dad. Each of his posts are thoughtful and inspiring and give a much needed boost to Dads and parents everywhere to be a little more present with their children, to enjoy what they have and to be an involved, devoted father. His recent post “Let it be me” has the power to remind us all why we do all that we do as parents.

Each of these blogs has the power to change your life in some way. Please take some time to visit each of their sites and read their posts. Let us know which of their posts have touched and helped you the most.

TRU Parenting is about finding true parenting principles that can lead us, our children and our families to stronger cycles of growth and happiness. Each of these blogs help us to accomplish that mission. Thank you to each of these bloggers for the impact they have had on my life and the lives of so many others!

Question: What are some of your favorite parenting blogs?

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