A Letter to the Moms In My Life

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Letter to mom

Dear Mom,

You’re amazing! That is really the gist of what I want you to know today. If you could remember that one thing every moment of every day, that would be enough to me. You are a powerful, heroic, earth changing force for good in the world. My own wife, the mother of my wonderful kids recently shared a quote with me that oozes a sentiment that I feel she and every other mother in my life should remember each and every day. David Niven, PhD said, “The mundane is heroic… The tasks that are noteworthy are often built on a foundation of the mundane.” Greatness and great achievements are based on seemingly boring moment to moment commitments and selfless acts. The very things that often create a feeling of monotony and un-amazingness, are the very things that make you so amazing. I hope you will experience a glimpse of the amazingness you share with the world each and every day without even knowing it. I love you. Your children love you and I thank you for being amazing through the struggles of every day motherhood.

In all the time I’ve watched you, I’ve noticed a few things.

I’ve noticed that you don’t always feel amazing. I’ve noticed that sometimes you question your “amazingness,” but that doesn’t particularly concern me, because despite those moments of uncertainty, I’ve also noticed that you have always kept going. You have always pressed through the tough stuff with your heart set on the best interest of your children, and that to me, is courage. That to me is power. That, to me, is amazing!

I’ve noticed that you worry about your kids. They climb on things that are not sturdy. They jump off things that are too high for their little bodies. I’ve watched you pull your hair out with concern as they take little risks that help them grow. It’s painful at times, and yet your let them learn. I’ve also noticed how you look at them with love as you watch them play. I’ve watched you watch them master a skill and glow with the pride only a mother can exude. That, to me, is amazing!

I’ve noticed that you get overwhelmed from time to time. The noise levels from the kids rise to unearthly decibels at times. I’ve seen the laundry and dishes and clutter pile up until you stand bewildered in the crossroads of the living room, family room and kitchen wondering how it will ever get done. I’ve also noticed how you get to work and soon enough the impossible is done. That, to me, is amazing!

I’ve noticed that you wonder if your teaching is getting through. You read them books. You teach them their letters and numbers. You show them to the potty time and again, accident after accident. You show them kindness, even when they withdraw. You show them how to clean their room and how to treat others with respect, then you wonder when they will finally take on these traits for themselves. I’ve also noticed how you keep learning and growing, how you keep teaching, praying and hoping. I’ve seen your sons and your daughters read a book or show love to another child just like mom showed them, not because someone made them do it, but because mom taught them how. That, to me is amazing!

I’ve noticed that you have lost some sleep in your time as a mother. At times sleep deprivation has even altered your mood slightly… just slightly. I’ve also noticed how you have fallen asleep while reading a book to your toddler or rocking your baby. I’ve even caught you nodding off during a movie or at the dinner table, but each morning and each evening you always seem to muster the energy to care for those that you love most. That, to me, is amazing!

You may feel at times that these small daily acts don’t make a difference, but they make a difference to me.

The piles of laundry you have folded made a difference to me.

The hours of shopping made a difference to me.

The late night conversations made a difference to me.

All of your kisses and hugs made a difference to me.

The games we’ve played made a difference to me.

The quiet moments when you whispered that you loved me when I felt no one else did made a difference to me.

The notes of appreciation made a difference to me.

All that you have done from day to day, working and playing, feeding and clothing and loving me have made all the difference in the world to me. They have made THE difference, not just for me, but for all of your children and their children, as well as generations to come. Please, remember this through the daily uncertainty and monotony. Remember, there is majesty, wonder and honor in those marvelous daily acts that you so gracefully personify. You are a hero. You are my hero.

To all the moms in my life, you are amazing!

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