A Mother’s Love

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a mothers love imageThe act of becoming a mother itself represents the pinnacle of human compassion and selflessness. I’ve witnessed the beautiful miracle of each of my five children’s births and watched in awe at the determination, strength and love demonstrated by the woman I am lucky enough to call my wife. My eyes filled with tears each time she experienced that great crescendo of pain that accompanies the final moments of child birth and then in an instant gathered up her tiny infant in her arms with the most genuine display of tranquility and love than I have ever seen.

I have always been taught and have always believed the adage “You love those you serve.” Straight out of the gate mom’s have this concept down. The mother’s in my life have provided never-ending service to me. My own angel mother, the mother of my children and my wife’s wonderful mother have all spent countless hours nursing skinned knees, filling hungry mouths, reading stories, tucking covers tightly around each child, listening to, playing with and encouraging the children they have had undying, unconditional affection for since the day they first felt them kick inside their belly. Each unselfish act, each understanding glance, each hug, each kiss or kind word breeds greater love and affection, both for the child and from the child. Mother’s love is the fertile soil in which great children grow into the kind of people the world needs.

If only we could somehow bottle a mothers love and distribute it to the whole world to both consume and to share, what a different world we would live in. If we could all weather some discomfort and meet it with understanding, if we could give more freely without expectation of reciprocation, if we could look at each other with glowing, soft and kind eyes like a mother does for her infant child we could truly love one another. We could see the best in each other!

So, on this Mother’s Day I would like to say thank you to my mother, my mother in-law, the mother of my children and mothers everywhere for showing us, the rest of the world, what real love looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like! Here to spreading a mother’s love to every child under heaven!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Andy Smithson

TRU Parenting

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