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Hey everybody. Thanks for joining me on my blog, old.trueparenting.net. Generally this is where people go into a long rant about their credentials and achievements. There will be plenty of time for that but I just wanted to let you know a little more about my passion.

My passion is parenting! Parenting and being a husband is my favorite job, even beyond writing, speaking and helping others have greater success with their families. I have a magnificent wife and 4 wonderful children. After six years of high energy boys, my wife and I finally experienced the joy of adding a little girl to the family. Out of this passion has grown TRU Parenting.

The Blog:

This blog has grown out of my excitement about raising my own kids and my curiosity of learning and practicing what is best for my family. I wanted to be able to share the things I have learned while also continuing to learn from all of you.

About Andy:

I’m a city born GQ wannabe (sometimes I don’t shave for 2 days to get that cool scruffy look) transplant to rural Idaho. When I married almost 10 years ago, I traded in waiting on rush hour traffic for waiting on farming tractors and cattle crossings. I never used the phrase, “Do we need to go to town?” for anything until I started my family. I enjoy the solitude we find close to the snake river now.

Still, don’t mistake my new country environment for making me a country boy. We still have running water and electricity and even that new thing called the internet. In the summer the beautiful Snake river calls our family’s name several times a week. We love to play, swim and ski on the river. Come winter, the nearby mountains beckon to us. The whole family loves to snow ski and spend time making snowmen, snow forts and throwing snowballs.

How TRU Parenting came about:

TRU Parenting has been developing for longer than I’ve had children. As a licensed Clinical of Social Work, I’ve worked with children, parents and families to improve their lives individually and as a family.

When I first started working in the social service and mental/behavioral health field more than ten years ago, I noticed patterns and trends in the lives of those I worked with. Certain patterns in parents and families led to progress and happiness for the kids and the parents. Other patterns very distinctly marked perpetual problem and lack of progress. Progress was more dependent upon the parent’s ability to implement these positive patterns than upon the direct treatment of the child’s behaviors.

I’ve enjoyed over the years providing treatment and therapy to hundreds of children and families. I’ve also been fortunate and grateful for the opportunities to write articles for Everyday Family.com and Better Parents Stronger Kids.com. Writing has been a wonderful forum for sharing the concepts and stories that have helped so many parents I’ve worked with. I’ve also recently published the TRU Parenting Program and several other helpful ebooks to help parents to change negative personal, relational and generational cycles that set negative patterns in families. I’ve presented parenting seminars, classes and speeches for various organizations as well as individuals.

What is TRU Parenting?

The TRU Parenting philosophy, steps and principles have helped me, my family and others I have worked with to turn around bad situations and make good situations even better. This blog will be devoted to sharing stories, insights, principles, skills and procedures through the TRU Parenting lense of…

  • Teach & Think
  • Relationship
  • Upgrade Yourself

Learn more about TRU Parenting…

If you are here, it probably means that you are as passionate about your role as a parent as I am. You know of the importance of this sacred role of parent. That makes you a fantastic collaborator and friend in this quest to improve the lives of kids, parents and families everywhere; not just today but for generations to come.

TRUParenting.net features 3-4 posts p/wk. I seek to be the greatest help I can be to my readers and collaborators. Please share your questions, thoughts, feelings and ideas.

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“Forging powerful cycles of growth that fit your family like a glove!”

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