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sumsung pics 6.21.13 074My family is the biggest motivation for and I love bragging about them.


Camille is my brilliant, talented and beautiful wife of 10 years. Camille and I met at BYU Idaho in 2004 while we were attending college there. Camille graduated in communications and has utilized her skills in communication in magnificent ways with me and our four children. She is a talented pianist and dancer. She has the most amazing dark brown hair and eyes. I met her actually by complimenting her hair in passing one day crossing the college campus and have been so grateful I opened my mouth to give that compliment that day. WE enjoy water and snow skiing together, talking until we can’t keep our eyes open at night and playing with our kids.


sumsung pics 6.21.13 414


Cuylar is my oldest son. Cuylar is 7 years old, turning 8 in Jan. 2014. This kids has a gift for happiness and loves legos. He is definitely an oldest child and spends a good deal of his time telling his brothers what to do. Cuylar, like most first borns, has been a ginnie-pig in our learning to be parents but he has responded well to the experimentation. He loves riding his bike, playing make believe pioneers, cowboys, ninjas and whatever else he can dream up. He started snow skiing when he was 2 years old (too young, by the way) and loves it despite the poor decision making on our part to start him so early. He’s a bit of a daredevil. He can’t get enough of time alone with Mom or Dad. He loves the one on one. Say hello to Cuylar.


sumsung pics 6.21.13 410Eli

Eli is my second son. Eli has got the hardest head of anyone on the planet. Everyone in our house has bonked heads with Eli at one point in his life and he has always come out on top. Eli is my “physical touch” son. He loves to touch and has a hard time not being in contact with someone most of the time. Where most physical touch people like to hug, hold hands, put arms around you and such, Eli likes to put

feet on you or forcefully press his head toward you. Recognizing this as affection has been one of my most prevalent struggles as a father but when I do recognize this fact, I have a special connection and appreciation for Eli because he is so loving and genuinely loves and cares for his family members. Eli loves to follow Cuylar and dress up when they play make believe. They are almost inseparable. Meet Eli.

Meet The Smithsons

Meet The Smithsons


Berkeley is my youngest son. He is 3. He’s named after his grandpa. He has blond hair where the rest of the family’s is brown and he doesn’t mind being on his own. He’ll sneak off to another room when the family is home together and we’ll often find him playing with figures or legos quietly. He has the most infectious smile and laugh you’ll ever see. Now, eating, that’s not really his thing. He eats like a bird at the dinner table but catch him on the right day and he can eat more crepes than Dad. He loves footsie jammies and likes to hold your hand going down the stair in our house. It can be a bit of a mess if you go downstairs before he does. He may stand at the top of the stairs for a while and wail, “I want to hold your hand!” But, wow, he gives great hugs and lets you know you are special and important to him. Meet Berkeley.



sumsung pics 6.21.13 396Emma

We finally got a girl. Emma is my 1 year old girl. Do I treat her different than the boys? Probably. Does she get away with more? Probably. She is Daddy’s little girl through and through. She recently started walking and I love my children’s firsts! She will take a few steps and look up and smile as if to say, “I know you’re watching and I know you are proud!” You would think we would have learned by now how to put kids to bed but alas all kids are different and Emma does not like Dad putting her to bed. It must be Mom. We may have to tend to that later but it works for now. Emma is our only girl and by far our baldest baby. You’ll get to know her a little better and all the others as time goes on. Meet Emma.


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