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spanking doesnt make sense

Why Spanking Doesn’t Make Sense as Discipline and 3 Things to do instead.

Do you ever feel at your wits end or like you just don’t know what else to do? Do you feel like spanking is the only thing that gets their…

Fresh smile of woman with healthy teeth over white

The Secret to Creating the Parental Confidence and Happiness You Want

Act As If! I heard a story years ago about a motivational speaker that was speaking to a large group of people. He was teaching about the power of positivity….

daily frustrations

How to Stop Taking Daily Frustrations Out On Your Kids In 6 Doable Steps

Have you ever felt frustrated or angry at your child and then been brought to the sudden realization that they didn’t do anything wrong? They weren’t even the source of…

summer boredom graphic

10 Ways to Help Your Kid Cure Summer Boredom Without Technology

Summer is in full sway. Kids are out of school and the novelty of that fact is starting to wear off. Some of you may already be well acquainted with…

manage money graphic

How to Teach Your Kids to Manage Money Wisely

My eight year old son Cuylar was given list of items to bring to Boy Scout day camp. Included among the sack lunch and sunscreen etc. was money for the…

stop yelling in 21 days

How To Stop Yelling in 21 Days; And Break Other Bad Habits Too

Before you go on reading this, do something for me… Sit or stand as you normally would, and fold your arms as you normally would… Then, fold your arms the…

when kids lie

What To Do When Kids Lie

Pinocchio is probably the most iconic story related to the moral mantra, “Always tell the truth.” Wouldn’t it be great if all kids had a built in lie detector like…

prevent meldowns

Prevent Meltdowns In Your Children: Learn Their Triggers and Signs

Listen to the Post here: Do you ever wish you could prevent the emotional explosions before they even begin? I’m yet to find a parent that wants to yell at…

good sunset over river

We See the Positive When We Look For It: 4 Ways to Look and Find It!

I have a special connection to sunrises and sunsets. My Father was obsessed with capturing the beauty of sunrises and sunsets in photographs his whole adult life. When our family…

truparenting audio 2

TRU Parenting Audio: Give an Inch, They Take a Mile: What to Do When They Just Want More

Read the original Article at “Give An Inch, They Take a Mile. What to Do When They Just Want More.”


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