Create More Happiness by Celebrating Your Personal and Parenting Victories

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celebrate victoriesIf you have been following TRU Parenting for long you probably know that I’m a pretty sentimental man. I love a good reason to celebrate and make a big deal of the milestones and achievements of those I love most. Some say that we shouldn’t wait for special occasions to show love to the most important people in our lives and I would agree, but I also think we shouldn’t pass up a good opportunity for a “special occasion.” We have some built in special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays that are significant to us but we can also find reason and opportunity to make today a special occasion whenever we would like.

It can be so easy to dwell on the struggles and dark moments in our lives, both individually and as a parent. We have so many responsibilities and if it’s not one thing it’s another, right? The negatives, for some reason, have this disproportionate power to look much bigger than they actually are at times. When we are in the middle of hard times, it can be difficult to see the small victories. We sometimes tell ourselves, “Who am I to celebrate this little win. It rarely ever happens, probably just got lucky.” That’s precisely the kind of thoughts and words that ward off more victories. Instead, it’s time to celebrate those victories, big or small. Make more excuses for why today is a great day to celebrate. The following are just 3 great reasons to celebrate!

Personal Victories

Each TRU Parent has had personal victories that are yet to be acknowledged and celebrated. Maybe you just went one full month without yelling. Maybe it was a week or even a day. Maybe you just made the decision to stop yelling. Perhaps you recently cleaned out a closet, redecorated a room, got a promotion at work or learned a new skill. Possibly, you had a bonding moment with your child, just won your town’s local city league volleyball tournament, got a degree or read a book you loved. It’s time to recognize and celebrate those little daily wins. It’s time to give yourself credit for small, daily progress toward a bigger goal.

What personal victories have you had in your life? How do you remind yourself of your own strengths and personal victories?

Parenting Victories

As I wrote this post, I was interrupted by my 2 year old daughter crying from her bed. I walked into her room and she shook her head at me and said, “No, want mommy.” I gently touched her back and said, “I know you want mommy. She can’t come in right now. Do you want me to sing you a song?” To which she replied, “Yeah, baby song.” She is referring to one of her favorite lullabies, “All the Pretty Little Horses.” She laid her head down on her pillow and as I sang, she sang the most beautiful, out of tune version of just the last words of each phrase. It was enough to melt anyone’s heart. That is a moment to celebrate, a moment to tuck away in the memory banks and even to share. It’s a moment that reminds you, “You’re doing alright.”

What parenting victories have you experienced lately? How do you remember those things and carry them with you? How do you remember them and celebrate them even when the kids are yelling, throwing food, making messes or proclaiming their independence with gusto?

Celebrate with TRU Parenting by entering the TRU Parenting birthday Celebration Contest at the end of the article!

Milestones and Special Occasions

Today is a special milestone for TRU Parenting! It’s been one full year since the TRU Parenting Blog began. It’s exciting for me to write that. Celebrating such a milestone is satisfying, not just because it’s a nice round number, but because as I celebrate it, I get to reminisce and reflect about all of the amazing people I have met and all the incredible things I have learned from readers, other bloggers and TRU Parents all over the world. It also makes me think of the other important milestones that I have enjoyed with my wife and children. I can remember when each of them started to walk and talk. I remember my marriage day like it was yesterday and recently my 10 year anniversary with my wife.

Not only is it TRU Parenting’s birthday, but it is also my own personal birthday. At our house, birthdays are a big deal. I love the idea that we get to celebrate someone’s life. What an amazing opportunity to let a person know that they are unconditionally loved and that you genuinely appreciate that they were born. It can be powerful to mark the calendar and create traditions around birthdays or other special occasions to remind yourself often of the miracle of life and to draw your children’s minds and hearts toward the positive, wonderful parts of life. There are so many milestones and victories to remember and celebrate in the lives of our families!

What are your special milestones? What are your children’s special milestones that are so fresh and powerful in your mind? What do you do to celebrate and make special occasions, special?

There will always be ups and downs, but we get to decide whether our hearts reside in the dark valleys below or on the beautiful mountain tops. But always remember, you can see the whole picture much more clearly from the tops of the mountains. Celebrating the victories as often as we can helps us to make the trek to the mountain top and to stay there. It helps us to see our children and ourselves more clearly. It reminds us that we’ve done it before and we can do it again. It helps us to see more of the positive and to remind us even when things are hard that were doing alright. You are making a difference each and every day.

I know that every parent reading this has milestones, special occasions as well as personal and parenting victories that may have felt overshadowed by some struggle or stress that you face. I hope that this post today is a call to bring those victories out of obscurity and into the light. Celebrate them. Celebrate your kids and your relationship with them. Celebrate with me. Celebrate your commitment to be a TRU Parent!

Please share your answers to the questions throughout this article in the comments below. Tell us about your personal and parenting victories. Brag a little. Tell about the amazing moments you have had with your incredible children.

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