Hands Free Life Book Review

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Happy family together, parents with their little child at sunset.Everywhere you look today you will find cynicism, criticism, negativity and pessimism. Almost every headline is meant to incite outrage or controversy. We’re told that getting people riled up is what sells. As a result we are bombarded with a perceptual picture of the world and our place in the world that leaves much to be desired, much to worry about and shake a fist at.

rachelNewWell, apparently no one told best-selling author, Rachel Macy Stafford about these modern requirements of selling books. Her story and beautiful writing are a breathe of fresh air. Rachel’s new book, “Hands Free Life” manages to challenge each of us to continue to grow and improve while at the same time, validating and fostering acceptance for where we are now. Each chapter leaves you feeling uplifted and reminded of what matters most.

Hands Free Life builds on Rachel’s first book, “Hands Free Mama” and offers “9 habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better and Loving More.” Her 3rd habit is to “build a foundation.” She shares the following quote that expresses this beautiful balance between acceptance and growth.

Imagine you felt accepted and supported just as you are, appreciates for everything you do, celebrated and observed in each new accomplishment and allowed time to explore, try, experiment and experience life without judgment of fear of failure. How would it feel to build a lifetime from this strong foundation?” (Linda Hinrichs)

Just imagine how that would feel! I often ask people in counseling what they would do if they could not fail or if they had no limitations. This one question allows us to step outside of the box and capture what it is that we really want out of life. Rachel challenges us to do this with our most important relationships, to see ourselves and others in the best light, to act in ways that are in line with our greatest ideals. Her poetic voice demands that we see the beauty in the mundane and follows it up with a “daily declaration” and “habit builder” at the end of each chapter that helps us to take the simple principles from thoughtful intention to life changing application.

I loved reading this book and loved receiving the blessings of applying its principles even more.

Get your copy of “Hands Free Life” by Rachel Macy Stafford HERE.

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