The 3 Part Formula for Connecting Without Any Words

It was just another day. There wasn’t anything particularly different or note worthy about it. To be quite honest, it was actually one of my more disconnected days. I had…

Patient not Impatient

Patience is a Powerful Parenting Virtue: 5 Secrets to Increasing Yours

“Hurry up!” is a message I can remember hearing from my parents. I often felt rushed or that my parents didn’t care about what I was doing. They expected me…

Mother and daughter playing in the park

4 Differences a Song and Dance Can Make

Since becoming a Dad I have come home from work countless times to blaring kids songs coming from our living room. I have to be honest that I have had…


Turning Struggles into Opportunities: 5 Essential Skills

It’s been said before that your kids need the most love from you when you feel least like giving it. I’ve found this to be true. Each word and act…


Welcome to the TRU Parenting Blog!

Hey everybody, Welcome to my new blog! As a husband, father, social worker and counselor I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last 10 years of my life…


Join Us for Our TRU Parenting Launch!

Thanks for visiting everyone! We’re excited to announce the launch of the TRU Parenting site and blog. Make sure and come celebrate our launch on Sept. 25th, 2013. Take a…


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