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A dock at sunset on White Sands Island in the Maldives.Are you stressed? Do you need a break? Do you want to stop yelling or losing your cool with your kids? (Available Sept. 25th, 2014)


TRU Calm will give you 8 relaxation and mediation audio tracks that are that are designed to give you the daily practice skills and techniques to finally learn how to master your emotions and reactions with your kids and others in your life to make your teaching more effective, your relationships stronger and more meaningful and allow you to upgrade yourself to improve the way you feel and what you model for your children. Learn more OR…red_buy_now_button



Daughter Giving Mother Kiss Relaxing On Sofa

Stop Freaking Out Once and for All!


The Quick Calm Toolkit is for any parents that ever finds themselves frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed or simply freaking out. You’ll learn a simple technique that will help you calm those negative emotions, better manage your emotions and be more mindful in your reactions toward your kids in literally 2 minutes.

It also provides several other resources to help you stop yelling and have less stress and more TRU joy and happiness with your kids. Learn more by clicking the picture to the left or click here.

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Family lifestyle portrait of a mum and dad with their two kids having funWhy you should read this ebook!


In this short ebook you’ll learn 5 universal truths of parenting that will not only improve your children’s behavior, but will set in motion powerful positive cycles of growth and learning that will increase your happiness, the happiness of your child and even generations to come!

“I look forward to learning a lot from you! Thank you for the wonderful resource you are providing families! Such life-changing information!” (Rachel Macy Stafford from





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