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Andy Smithson is a Licensed Masters Social Worker with specific experience and expertise in working with children and parents. Andy has shared the wonderful TRU Parenting program and principles using various methods of delivery. These methods include Individual Parent Consulting, TRU Parenting Classes and Seminars, Speaking, Writing, NET, and traditional counseling services. (To learn more, see descriptions and links for contact information below).

Each of these forums provide a unique and special opportunity for learning and putting the TRU Parenting skills into practice right away. No matter what service you select, you’ll increase your personal capacity as an individual and as a TRU Parent. Some things you’ll learn include…

  1. 3 specific questions and skills that can change and sustain a healthy, TRU Parenting Theory and perspective, no matter your background or challenges.
  2. How to consistently build stronger relationships with your child(ren) by applying 4 simple concepts.
  3. To deal more effectively with parenting struggles with less stress and how to create a disciplinary bridge between you and your child through “just living you life.”
  4. Disciplinary concepts that can be adapted and applied to any family or situation. You’ll learn better ways to prevent, respond and change bad behavior in a way that supports your relationship and teaches kids what they need to know to be successful, values driven adults.
  5. How to ultimately break negative cycles and/or improve positive cycles of thoughts, feelings and behavior in your family to accomplish…
    • Happy Kids / Happy Parents
    • Solid Parent/Child relationship
    • Kids that behave  &
    • Competent, value driven kids that become competent, value driven adults.

    The best fulfill the objectives above and best serve you, Andy provides the following services…

  1. Parent Consulting:
  2. Parenting Classes, Seminars & Speaking:
  3. Writing:
  4. Neuro Emotional Technique (NET):
  5. Counseling (A+ Solutions, Burley, Id.):


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