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Imagine your life and home with less stress and less yelling. With more cooperation and connection. With happy and helpful kids. 

Can you picture what that would be like? Well, I want to help you take that picture from imagination to reality.

Give me a month and I'll give you sanity!

In 21 days you can learn the 4 steps to start your amazing transformation to stop yelling and start enjoying parenthood once more.

YOU GET INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL COURSE MATERIALS FOR LIFE! That means you can work at what ever pace you would like. Great education, amzing results at your convenience!

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Stop Yelling in 21 Days contains everything you need to know to stop yelling and rid yourself of the constant frustration and guilt and be more connected with your kids. You'll learn to...

“Before taking this course, I was at my breaking point. I couldn't get through a day without yelling. I was in an aweful cycle of feeling overwhelmed, yelling and then feeling guilty about it. This course gave me the tools I needed to pinpoint what was triggering my yelling and come up with alternative ways to handle it. 4 Weeks later and I am no longer yelling, my relationship with my 3- year old has strengthened, and I am enjoying our time together more than ever!"

"The 4 Steps I learned in this course have been a parenting game changer for me!"

"Since the course our relationship has definitely improved. I feel like she is no longer walking on eggshells waiting for Mommy to snap at her. We are launghing and playing more. There is more singing and dancing. I feel like I am getting down to her level more, rather than talking down to her.  We are working together and problem solving to find solutions when we have a problem. It has made a huge difference!"

Course Members - Oct. 2015

"This course really helped me examine myself. It has been a life saver for me and my kids. We are closer and happier than ever before!"

"This Course exceeded my expectations and my goals. I did not expect this much improvement in just 4 weeks! Family members have commented that I seem much happier and I feel closer to my kids. We are enjoying more cooperation and love instead of fear and frustration.

Course Members - Feb. 2016

One Month, 4 Steps. Amazing Results!

Start your quest for less stress, less yelling and more connection and cooperation, with the following four steps that I teach in the Stop Yelling in 21 Days Coaching Course.

1. Learn to Respond Instead of React by creating a personal toolkit of practical techniques for effective self regulation and stress release. Practice them as much as possible. Have a friend or partner to help you be accountable and to talk about what works for you.
2. Know, Understand and Resolve Your Triggers. Track your triggers. Identify the source of your triggers. Resolve or remove the triggers that you can. Find customized solutions for your triggers and utilize the tools you have learned to respond calmly and carefully to your triggers when they arise. Learn to both cut stress and better deal with the stress you have.

3. Find Alternative Solutions and Create New Plans. Learn calm, kind, gentle and effective means to resolve conflict and discipline. TRU discipline means to teach and does not require harshness or punishment. Truly effective teaching/discipline actually goes in the opposite direction from traditional punishment or other authoritative methods. Learn effective ways to problem solve and plan together with your children for real connection and cooperation.
4. Celebrate Your Successes, Learn From Them and Build Upon Them. You are doing better than you think! When change starts to happen, recognize it, celebrate it! Positive change can be difficult for everyone in the home and when it starts to happen that is reason for a little victory dance. It also gives us a vision of what is working and what is possible. Look at the strengths and victories and learn from them. Use that learning to springboard you and your child to new horizons!


A Word From Andy Smithson

I'm a Dad of 5 kids, all under the age of 10. There is nothing quite like those special, connected moments with your little ones when your 5 year old gives you a hug for no reason. I want to help you have more of those moments. I want to help you have more calm, cooperation, peace and connection.

Parents often say to me, “I know I need to stop yelling and respond more calmly, but How?” Once you know the principles and tools, the “how” is actually much simpler than you might think. I love to strengthen and support parents in this amazing journey and to watch the transformation happen!

Let's Work Together!