TRU Parenting Stop Yelling in 21 Days Coaching Course

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“I really want to stop yelling, but HOW?”

I’ll help you. Give me 21 days. I’ll give you sanity.

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Parenting can be frustrating. There is no getting around it. None of us like being angry, irritable and frustrated. All parents experience these feelings, and that’s okay. But the impulsive actions that often follow our irritability, leave us wishing for something better than a hoarse voice and hard feelings.

The TRU Parenting Stop Yelling in 21 Days Coaching Course will help you find that “something better.” It will give you the inspiration, support and tools to leave the chaos behind and have the calm you’ve been searching for!

If yelling, nagging, and empty threats have left you feeling like a bad parent, know you are definitely not alone! Other parents struggle too. Even the ones you think have things all put together.

Do you ever feel like these parents?…


“It’s just so hard! Sometimes I start yelling instructions at the kids. I’m pressed for time or I’m just so overwhelmed.”

“I wish our home was calmer. I wish I was calmer. I think I would feel better and happier without all the drama.”

“I feel like yelling is all I do and I still get nothing from the kids.”

“I get so crazy with everything going on that I just have to let the energy escape and yelling seems to be the outlet. I don’t want to yell at the kids but I just don’t know what else to do sometimes.”

“I feel horrible when I yell. I worry about it all the time. The kids respond so much better when I don’t yell. It just seems like the first thing that comes out of my mouth.”

“I just can’t help it.”

“I desperately want to stop yelling. It breaks my heart to see how my littles one respond when I do.”

“It’s automatic.”

“I wish I could stop yelling. It’s all I know. My parents did it with me and it seems like it’s just in me. I wonder sometimes if I can stop.”

“I just lost it.”

“I really, really, really want to stop yelling, but HOW?”

“How do I stay calm? How can I stop yelling?”

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We have all experienced those freak out sessions after a child takes a color crayon to the flat screen or the walls. We’ve all felt the explosive tension that builds up when the kids just won’t listen, even after the “millionth time.” When they refuse to do their chores or start bickering and fighting with their siblings, we know the boiling blood feeling that accompanies.

So often, the kids get loud and it all happens so fast that we find ourselves yelling, again. We said we wouldn’t yell, but there we go again. Its a habit; an automatic reaction that just seems to happen without thinking about it. We know that it leads to more problems than it does solutions, but its SO HARD. We find ourselves going through the same negative cycles again and again.


I’ve never talked to a parent that would promote yelling with a straight face or say, “You know what I need to do more of to teach my kids and build a better relationship with them? I need to yell more!” Most parents that struggle with yelling explain their yelling like this, “I don’t like yelling. It makes me feel worse and doesn’t help my kids, but I don’t know what else to do and it feels like I just can’t help it.”

It doesn’t have to be this hard!

You can be calmer. You can stop yelling and feel happier and get more happiness and cooperation out of your kids in the process. You can do it in 21 days!

What are parents saying about TRU Parenting Courses?


Thank you for the wonderful resource you are providing families! Such life-changing information!” (Rachel Macy Stafford from

“I had never really stopped and thought about some of the things I learned in TRU Parenting. It made me think. I have new expectations for my parenting. My eyes are wide open!” Chris S.

“I feel like I can parent with love rather than anger. TRU Parenting gave me inspiration and tools to really parent out of love.” Cheryl C.

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Who is the TRU Parenting Stop Yelling in 21 Days Coaching Course for?


This course is designed for you; the loving, frustrated, compassionate, overwhelmed and gentle parent that wants to have greater calm and peace in their own life and less re-activity and yelling at the kids and others. This course is for the parent that may have even grown up with harsh anger, yelling and possibly even abuse, but is determined not to repeat those negative cycles as the norm in their home. It is for the parent that wants to teach their children with intention while building strong, lasting relationships. It is for the parent that understands that great teaching and relationships start with themselves. It’s for the Mom or Dad that wants so badly to be calmer and stop yelling but struggles, like the rest of us, to put it into practice. It is for the insightful parent that knows they CAN react calmly and stop yelling, and is ready to invite help and support to aid them in the steps necessary to make it happen. In short, if you’re reading this, it’s for you!

Who is the course NOT for?


This course is NOT for the parent that thinks yelling is an effective parenting tool for teaching and disciplining children. It is not for the parent that honestly believes, “My parents yelled at me and I turned out fine. It’s not going to hurt the kids to yell at them every so often.”

You CAN and WILL Succeed!


The Stop Yelling in 21 Days Course has the promise in the title. If you whole-heartedly participate in this 4 week course you will significantly increase the level of peace and calm within you and will have the tools and practice necessary to not only stop yelling, but replace the yelling with methods that your children will respond to and will grow your relationship with them rather than tear it down. Results you can expect to see include…

Mom and son having fun by the lake. Warm filter and film effect

  1. Greater personal insight and awareness

  2. More peace and calm

  3. Less anger and irritation

  4. More cooperation from the kids

  5. Less yelling from you and the kids



“The class offered many techniques that I could use right now. I feel like I am a better parent for having participated!” Miriam, Head Start employee and TRU Parenting class member

“This class finally taught me to be more quiet with my children and gave me the power to not overreact.” Jessica, TRU Parenting class member


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What’s in the course?


The “Stop Yelling in 21 Days Coaching Course” is a 4 week course that will give you the mindset, the skills, the techniques and the support you need to finally kick the yelling habit and invite a new calm and cooperative atmosphere into your life and home. As a result you can expect to personally feel better, have happier and more cooperative kids and establish the home and family life you’ve been wanting.

The course includes…

  1. Weekly instructional videos with important principles, skill and techniques to help you make the changes you want to.

  2. Written materials delivered to your in-box that will give you inspiration and instruction to manage daily struggles and succeed.

  3. TRU Meditation and Calming Audio tools to give you the daily peace and awareness you need during your journey.

  4. A Secret Facebook Group only for course members to share their experiences, struggles and victories, ask questions, share tips and support one another. Know that you are not alone. (Bonus – you can remain a member of the group after the 4 week course is over.)

  5. Weekly Periscope Q & A sessions to talk with Andy, ask questions, get the answers you need, more tips and inspiration.

More Testimonials. What other TRU Parents are saying?

“This was one of the best classes I have every been to! I loved how we were able to be interactive in asking questions and actively participated in the learning process.” Cheryl C

“I’m learning how to not give up on bettering myself and building stronger relationships with my children!” Jessica, TRU Parenting client

“I learned what to to do instead of what not to do. I feel empowered to continue building relationships with my children even when I have to discipline them.” Elizabeth R, TRU Parenting Class member

“This class finally taught me to be more quiet with my children and gave me the power to not overreact.” Jessica, TRU Parenting class member

“I really enjoy the little moments now.” Miriam S, TRU Parenting client

“Since TRU Parenting, I have a stronger relationship with my children.” Aime C

Please come and join us in our next TRU Parenting “Stop Yelling in 21 Days Coaching Course” that Begins Oct. 5th, 2015 through the month of Oct.

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About Andy Smithson:


blackandwhiteAndy Smithson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist that lives with his beautiful wife and 5 children in Rural Idaho, along the scenic Snake River. Andy’s first passion is his own family. A very close second is to help parents to cut through all of the clutter of their doubts and daily struggles and build positive personal, parenting and family cycles that will last generations. He writes weekly personal development and parenting articles for parents on and has been featured on,, and various other sites. He provides psychotherapy and coaching in person and over skype and is trained in EMDR Therapy.

See what people have said about working with Andy Smithson, LCSW:


“I really appreciated the direct help Andy offered us. He really cared about what was happening in my family!” Roxana D, TRU Parenting Class Member

“As an instructor, Andy is on top of his game. He really connected with the class! The learning experience was always helpful and exciting!” Gary C.

“I participated in a Coaching Session with Andy to get advice about a specific sleep issue I was having with my 5 year old daughter. For five long years we have struggled with bedtime. I’ve ready many books on sleep and consulted with two sleep specialists and I was still having problems. In fact every time I tried to follow through with the advice I was given it made things worse rather than better. From listening to Andy’s podcasts I was able to learn about his positive approach toward parenting and felt it was worth a shot to find out how he would handle this situation. I’m glad I did because we saw an immediate improvement with the sleep difficulties after implementing his suggestions. His advice was specific and made a lot of sense. It was respectful toward my daughter and her feelings but also took into account my own need for quiet, peaceful time to myself in the evening. I feel that I know what to do if this issue pops up again so that it doesn’t get out of control. Thank you Andy for giving us some excellent parenting tools!” TRU Coaching Client

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