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TRU Audio: Create Better Days with Better Greetings

Read the original post, “Create Better Days with Better Greetings”

man sitting on sofa and lifting up his son

Create Better Days by Starting with Better Greetings

First impressions count. The greeting of a gentle sunrise and birds chirping in our bedroom window can set the tone for a totally different day than the annoying buzz of…

truparenting audio 2

TRU Parenting Audio: 17 Spring and Summer Activities

Visit the Original Article, “17 Spring and Summer Activities that Will Build Your Relationship Without Breaking the Bank.”

17 activities

17 Spring & Summer Activities that Will Build Your Relationship Without Breaking the Bank

The sun is shining and birds are chirping again. This time of year screams, “come outside and play!” However, some parents wonder, “How can I get my kids out of…

A girl uses a tin can phone to listen to someone else in the park

Mean What You Say & Say What You Mean; 3 Essential Elements of Effective Communication

Years ago I watched a video where a little girl was gleefully playing in her front yard. Her mother was watching her from the porch on a beautiful summer day….

Daughter Giving Mother Kiss Relaxing On Sofa

“Mom” is No Job for the Faint of Heart: Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m been told often that mothers appreciate the gratitude expressed on Mother’s Day each year, but wonder if they can ever measure up to the “Mother’s Day expectation” that is…

child development

Understanding the Role of our Child’s Development in Our Positive Parenting Perspective

I’ve never heard of anyone ever trying to force their child to walk. I don’t hear of parents setting up elaborate reward systems for taking first steps or punishing kids…

Woman and child playing hide and seek in summer park

5 Specific Examples for How to Apply Play as Discipline

Play is more than fun. It’s language. It’s communication. It’s a laboratory for life. It opens the imagination and introduces us to great possibilities. This isn’t just true for kids….

6 family night graphic

6 Steps to a Family Night that Will Make Every Day Better

On Monday night when I walk in the door after work, the energy of my children and their beaming smiles are contagious. They have been preparing for my homecoming all…

things i want my sons to know graphic 2

33 Things I Want My Sons to Know

I remember watching my son hit his brother for the first time. I remember thinking to myself, “Where did he learn that?” My sister in-law spent a great deal of…


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