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TRU Parenting Audio: Ep 11 TRU Fathers

Read the original article at “TRU Fathers: A Priceless Treasure in Our M”

tru fathers fathers day

TRU Fathers: A Priceless Treasure in Our Modern World. Happy Father’s Day!

There is a song I used to sing as a little boy that comes to my mind as we approach Father’s Day. It goes like this… “I’m so glad when…

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Safeguarding Our Kids Against Tech and Media Garbage

Take a second to list all of the incredible and miraculous benefits that have come from the invention of the internet and modern technology. What changes have you witnessed just…


The 4 Part Formula for Conquering Any Goal or Obstacle

We all have dreams. We all have bad habits. We wonder how to change the current cycles of our lives and start making things happen. What are your desires? What…

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Even Super-Mom or Dad Need Help Sometimes: 3 Steps to Getting the Help You Need

You do it all! You pack the lunches, clean the kitchen, kiss the boo-boos, support the extra-curricular activities, and fold the laundry (sometimes). You bring home the bacon and then…

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33 Things I Want My Sons to Know

I remember watching my son hit his brother for the first time. I remember thinking to myself, “Where did he learn that?” My sister in-law spent a great deal of…

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10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know

There is a great country song by Gary Allen that says, “When tough little boys grow up to be Dads, they turn into big babies again.” I’ve been a Dad…

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6 Secrets of Being a Happy father

There are few events or accomplishments in a man’s life that trump the pride and joy he feels when his child tackles him as he walks through the door, takes…

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Husband’s Guide To Childbirth: 2 Secrets That Make All the Difference

Big tough men aren’t afraid of anything, right? Wrong! When it comes to pregnancy and birth of their children I’ve talked to countless men (and women) that are not only…


4 Secrets of Dads Bonding with Baby

I’ve never heard a father say, “Mom’s get to do everything; they get to carry the baby for nine months, they get to birth the baby, and they get to…


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