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stop yelling in 21 days

How To Stop Yelling in 21 Days; And Break Other Bad Habits Too

Before you go on reading this, do something for me… Sit or stand as you normally would, and fold your arms as you normally would… Then, fold your arms the…

when kids lie

What To Do When Kids Lie

Pinocchio is probably the most iconic story related to the moral mantra, “Always tell the truth.” Wouldn’t it be great if all kids had a built in lie detector like…

prevent meldowns

Prevent Meltdowns In Your Children: Learn Their Triggers and Signs

Listen to the Post here: Do you ever wish you could prevent the emotional explosions before they even begin? I’m yet to find a parent that wants to yell at…

tru fathers fathers day

TRU Fathers: A Priceless Treasure in Our Modern World. Happy Father’s Day!

There is a song I used to sing as a little boy that comes to my mind as we approach Father’s Day. It goes like this… “I’m so glad when…

road to vegas

Give an Inch, They Take a Mile: What to Do When They Just Want More

Spending positive, happy quality time with our kids is always a good choice. Playing, reading together, spending time talking and laughing builds the relationship and helps us to feel like…

truparenting audio 2

TRU Parenting Audio: Safeguarding Our Kids Against Tech and Media Garbage

Read the original article, “Safeguarding Our Kids Against Tech and Media Garbage”

truparenting audio 2

TRU Audio: Create Better Days with Better Greetings

Read the original post, “Create Better Days with Better Greetings”

man sitting on sofa and lifting up his son

Create Better Days by Starting with Better Greetings

First impressions count. The greeting of a gentle sunrise and birds chirping in our bedroom window can set the tone for a totally different day than the annoying buzz of…

truparenting audio 2

TRU Parenting Audio: 17 Spring and Summer Activities

Visit the Original Article, “17 Spring and Summer Activities that Will Build Your Relationship Without Breaking the Bank.”

17 activities

17 Spring & Summer Activities that Will Build Your Relationship Without Breaking the Bank

The sun is shining and birds are chirping again. This time of year screams, “come outside and play!” However, some parents wonder, “How can I get my kids out of…


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