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becoming santa claus

Becoming Santa: Why I Keep the Tradition and Symbol of Santa Claus Alive

Watching my own 4 children race to their stockings on Christmas brings back the incredible happy memories of my own childhood. Not only does it bring back the memory of…

fat parent
Male superhero with raised fist carrying a baby isolated on white background

23 Ways to Be Your Wife’s Hero, as a Husband and Father

Remember the old saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”? Well, I don’t know if that is an absolute truth, but the reverse certainly can make a huge difference…

Business man is relaxing on the couch after a long week

10 Ways to Get Your Husband Off the Couch to Help With the Kids

Do you ever wish that your husband would step up and do a little more with the kids? As a father myself, it drives me crazy to read and hear…


The 4 Part Formula for Conquering Any Goal or Obstacle

We all have dreams. We all have bad habits. We wonder how to change the current cycles of our lives and start making things happen. What are your desires? What…

supermom graphic

Even Super-Mom or Dad Need Help Sometimes: 3 Steps to Getting the Help You Need

You do it all! You pack the lunches, clean the kitchen, kiss the boo-boos, support the extra-curricular activities, and fold the laundry (sometimes). You bring home the bacon and then…

truparenting audio

TRU Audio: Mom is No Job For the Faint of Heart

Download the audio of this article to take it with you on your phone or other device by clicking the downward facing arrow in the top right corner or Share…

Daughter Giving Mother Kiss Relaxing On Sofa

“Mom” is No Job for the Faint of Heart: Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m been told often that mothers appreciate the gratitude expressed on Mother’s Day each year, but wonder if they can ever measure up to the “Mother’s Day expectation” that is…


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