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man sitting on sofa and lifting up his son

Create Better Days by Starting with Better Greetings

First impressions count. The greeting of a gentle sunrise and birds chirping in our bedroom window can set the tone for a totally different day than the annoying buzz of…

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TRU Parenting Audio: 17 Spring and Summer Activities

Visit the Original Article, “17 Spring and Summer Activities that Will Build Your Relationship Without Breaking the Bank.”

17 activities

17 Spring & Summer Activities that Will Build Your Relationship Without Breaking the Bank

The sun is shining and birds are chirping again. This time of year screams, “come outside and play!” However, some parents wonder, “How can I get my kids out of…

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Even Super-Mom or Dad Need Help Sometimes: 3 Steps to Getting the Help You Need

You do it all! You pack the lunches, clean the kitchen, kiss the boo-boos, support the extra-curricular activities, and fold the laundry (sometimes). You bring home the bacon and then…

truparenting audio 2

TRU Audio: Mean What You Say: Effective Communication

Check out the original article, “Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean: 3 Essential Elements of Effective Communication”  

Daughter Giving Mother Kiss Relaxing On Sofa

“Mom” is No Job for the Faint of Heart: Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m been told often that mothers appreciate the gratitude expressed on Mother’s Day each year, but wonder if they can ever measure up to the “Mother’s Day expectation” that is…

child development

Understanding the Role of our Child’s Development in Our Positive Parenting Perspective

I’ve never heard of anyone ever trying to force their child to walk. I don’t hear of parents setting up elaborate reward systems for taking first steps or punishing kids…

hitting not the answer graphic

How to Teach Your Child that Hitting is Not the Answer

My three oldest children are boys. My wife and I enjoy their energy and enthusiasm for life. However, we have also experienced the frustration that comes when they have struggled…

valentines love graphic

Love is the Greatest Parenting Skill: 4 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Kids Again Every Day

Do you remember the day your child was born? Do you remember the rush of feelings you had as you held your new born baby for the first time? I’ll…

abe lincoln graphic

4 TRU Parenting Principles Taught by Abraham Lincoln

There are incredible parenting truths in some of the oddest places. I’ve found that some of the most profound principles in the pages of novels, and children’s books. I’ve found…


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