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TRU Parenting

Every parent and child experience negative cycles of interaction that continue to spiral from one conflict to the next. These spirals may last years or even generations but often lie at the heart of parent/ child dissatisfaction in families. Many parents ask, “These cycles are so engrained, how we can finally break the cycle?”

  • TRU Parenting helps parents to 1,st analyze their problems and daily interactions clearly and 2,nd to think and act in ways that support and promote positive cycles of relationship, discipline, values and happiness; ultimately making parenting easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding for parents and children.
  • TRU Parenting is unlike other parenting programs that have lengthy and overwhelming lists of behavioral dos and don’ts that often fail to mesh with different families or personalities. Instead TRU Parenting gives parents 4 simple keys that can be applied universally, to solve the unique problems of their own families.
  • The TRU acronym helps parents create their own solutions to conflict and teach their kids to behave and become the people they need to become without it being at the expense of the relationship or happiness in the home.

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