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EarthHey everybody, Welcome to my new blog! As a husband, father, social worker and counselor I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last 10 years of my life studying and practicing parenting; what works; what doesn’t. I’ve observed. I’ve made mistakes and as a result I’ve learned many patterns, treatments, and techniques that promote great parents, great kids and great families. I’ve shared these principles in parenting classes and with counseling clients and have seen how they can change lives. I’m not perfect but I am passionate about making parenting a priority.

I often feel compelled to write, mostly for my own benefit, some of the things that I have learned from those I work with and from parenting my own children. To be honest, posting these things to this blog is a little intimidating to me; actually I think that is an understatement. I’ve been terrified by the vulnerability of sharing my thoughts in such a public forum but I know that if someone is helped, it’s worth being vulnerable. I appreciate other parent’s contribution to my life, especially my own parents and hope to be able to contribute to others.

Maybe, just maybe, TRU Parenting can inspire and challenge you or someone you know to be a little better parent today than you were yesterday.

My objective with TRU Parenting is just that; to inspire and challenge parents everywhere to be true. It’s to learn and apply true principles of raising children and families from whatever source that truth may come and to encourage them to effectively and deliberately apply those principles in a way that works for their family.

Since my first son was born I’ve tried to read all I could on the topic of parenting. I’ve learned that not every parenting approach works for me and my family but almost every book or course has had valuable pieces of parenting wisdom and new perspective on universal truths. I’ve also learned that some of the greatest sources of parenting wisdom have come from sources that were not intended for parenting. I’ve found truth about parenting in my study of business, gardening, fitness, psychology and so many other areas of life and learning.

Our Tagline:

When I first put up this website I struggled with what I would use as my tagline to let people know what TRU Parenting is really all about. It is very difficult, maybe impossible, to shrink a thousand ideas and the role of a parent into one sentence but something kept coming back to me as I thought and wrote.

Whenever parents have problems with their kids they tend to ask the question, “How do I break the cycle?” I tell my counseling parents and parenting classes, “Its not about breaking the cycle. Cycles will always be there. It’s about learning to change the negative cycles into positive cycles and using them to promote better, happier living each day.” I thought of the following taglines to reflect this.

  • Creating cycles of growth through TRU principles and customized application
  • Making cycles work for you.
  • Don’t just break the cycle, wake the cycle: Parenting truth and customized application that work for you.
  • Healing negative cycles with true principles.
  • Unsolicited parenting truths that make a difference whether you need it or not.
  • Committed to teaching, relating and upgrading ourselves. We’re not perfect, just better than yesterday.

Finally, I decided on…

  • Forging powerful cycles of growth that fit your family like a glove!

You can see from these statements that I wanted to highlight the importance of cycles and constant growth rather than drastic changes. I wanted to encourage parents to continue their parenting education every day. Learn and grow, evaluate and adapt and find the things that work for them and their kids.

Our contribution to “Changing the World” for the better:

I want this blog to be a place to share some of those universal truths and encourage parents to always keep learning and use the pieces that work best for them and their families. I want it to be a place where people come to discuss new ways to apply truth.

I know this is bold but I very much intend for TRU Parenting to be a movement rather than just another parenting blog. I want it to be an opportunity for parents everywhere to remind their fellow friends and parents that by virtue of having children we have assumed a role that has the power to change the trajectory of lives and society. The poet William Ross Wallace penned the words, “The hand that rocks the cradle is that hand that rules the world.”

The cycles that we create within ourselves, with our children and with others lead to cycles that span generations and shape nations and the world. No pressure, right?! I don’t want the parents reading this to feel pressured but to feel empowered to just commit to improving a little each day, not because you’re broken but because it makes life better for everyone. TRU Parents are not perfect, they’re just better today than yesterday!

My hope:

I want each post to offer parents something that will inspire them and give practical, useful help in getting better every day. I want the parents that gather here to feel comfortable to share what works and what doesn’t for them.

TRU Parenting does not profess to be “THE” parenting manual. It’s more like a choose your own adventure where each decision is guided by sound principles and patterns of positive cycles and challenges each parent to apply them in the best ways they know how.

I hope parents everywhere will approach parenting with all the excitement, and fervor that they do their greatest hopes and dreams. People spend years studying for their careers and so little time educating themselves about and applying positive principles in their ever so important role as a parent. I hope we can explore and share ideas and helps and challenge each parent we meet to be a TRU Parent.

What you can do:

Please share this and coming posts with your friends and family. We all need ongoing inspiration and tools every day to be the best parents we can be. Please let me know how TRU Parenting can best help you or how you can help the cause of TRU Parenting to grow!

Taking action is one of the strongest ways to learn and build personal resolve and promote change! So please be a participant in this journey with me. Discuss, comment, share and pass it on! Thank you for being a part of this movement. It’s not because we’re broken, its because we can always be better!

Please join me in learning and sharing our journey as TRU Parents and take your first step by downloading your free ebook; “5 Jump Starters for Powerful Family Cycles: Creating Happier and More Effective Parenting THIS Week!” !

Question: We all have knowledge, talents and gifts. What do you have to offer to inspire and challenge other parents?

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